Any idea how this will taste as a cold side dish? Looks yummy but want to serve it at a picnic.

  • Posted by: riv
  • August 18, 2016


Jennifer August 18, 2016
I've served these room temperature and they're great--but then, I prefer room temperature foods to hot foods.
Susan W. August 18, 2016
Yes, it's delish hot, warm, room temp or cold. I increased the chili flakes because the amount called for was not enough for me. I also used grape seed oil instead of olive oil and added a little sesame oil at the end. Browning the beans and slightly cooking the garlic and ginger is key.
702551 August 18, 2016
It should be okay. While I've never made this specific recipe (I don't follow recipes), I've made essentially the same dish often using sesame seeds instead of red pepper flakes. I also prefer grated fresh garlic over powder.

That said, I would prefer these warm versus cold.

I always make extra of these kind of beans and I always reheat them. But that's just me...
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