Asian Garlic Green Beans recipe: Can I use the very long string beans (12+ inch lengths, from the Asian farmers' market) for this?

If so, is there anything different I need to do with the recipe? Thanks so much. ;o)



amysarah August 6, 2011
Absolutely. I cut them into 2-3" pieces and stir fry them just like regular green beans (with garlic, grated ginger, soy, peanut or canola oil, a touch of sugar, a splash of sesame oil.) In fact, when my children were younger, I often opted for the crazy long ones - their sci-fi factor definitely added to their appeal.
mtlabor August 6, 2011
Oh of course you can! Let me know how they turn out =)
Greenstuff August 5, 2011
The texture will be a little different, but I wouldn't alter the general plan.
hardlikearmour August 5, 2011
I don't see why not. Yardlong beans taste to me like a cross between string beans and asparagus.
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