celery, potatoes, carrot, onions, chicken, bacon?



Jake January 30, 2011
par boil the potatoes (cubed); render bacon fat, set aside bacon & cut it into bits; roll potato chunks in bacon fat and season with salt, pepper and whatever you've got on hand (dried herbs work); put potatoes on sheet pan and roast them at 425 until brown and crispy (30-40 min); remove and add back bacon bits.

Roast the seasoned chicken over a bed of the other veggies (a whole chicken?) for about an hour and then while the chicken is resting make a gravy or sauce out of the pan with some white wine, mustard, sherry vinegar, whatever.

I like my potatoes crispy and with a roast chicken on the side it's almost a complete meal. Might require a salad. Maybe keep the carrots raw and make a cold carrot salad?
Kayb January 30, 2011
Oh, and I meant to say, uncover and scatter the bacon bits back on top for about 5 mnutes before you take it out of the oven. Then let it rest 10 minutes before you serve.
Kayb January 30, 2011
Easy one. Cut the bacon up into bits; render the fat, and scoop the bacon out and reserve when it's crisp. Brown the chicken in the bacon fat; remove. Slice the onions and celery and cook in the bacon fat until soft; remove from heat, and add the sliced or chunked potatos and toss until they're coated. Lay the chicken on top of the veggies, cover the whole thing, and bake at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your chicken pieces. Use whatever spices you want to jazz up this combo. What time is dinner?
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