White Bean Soup Using Ham Bone

Does anyone have a great recipe that includes the use of a ham bone (with some meat still left on it) and white beans? Celery, carrots, onions, etc.?



mzmecz July 21, 2013
Estimate how much your ham bone weighs. Sweat equal weights of carrots, onions and celery in a large soup pot with enough oil to cover the bottom (mine is usually 3 lb each). Add 6 quarts cooked great northern beans (in Cincinnati they sell them pre-cooked in big jars at Kroger) and the ham bone. Simmer slowly 3-4 hrs or until the meat falls off the bone. Add 3 28 oz cans stewed tomatoes and heat through. It gets better every day.
inpatskitchen January 13, 2012
I have one that's posted on my blog...it might give you a few ideas...key ingredient is mint!
pianogirl January 14, 2012
this is exactly what I was looking for ... thanks, Pat!
SKK January 13, 2012
Aargersi is right on. Additionally, when I make white bean soup I roast califlower, onions and fennel and add that to the soup when it is ready. Really adds a wonderful dimension.
aargersi January 13, 2012
Not specifically but I think you are on the right track - cook those beans with the veggies and some herbs - maybe rosemary and bay? Throw that ham bone in there and let it all simmer away and you are bound to come out with something good!!
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