How do i bake frozen boneless ribs

I'm cooking frozen boneless ribs in the oven and I was wondering how safe it is. I didn't have time to thaw. I know thawing is preferred. I followed a Google post about baking frozen boneless but it didn't say for how long, and what the safety measures are. I'm just cooking them uncovered on a cookie sheet and turning them manually here and there. Are they done when they look done, inside and out? Thanks.

Shawn Ian Contreras


Hannah J. January 3, 2021
You can cook frozen meat in a crockpot as long as your crockpot gets up to temperature and stays there for at least 4 hours. There are recipes out there!
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Sandra J. December 10, 2017
I'm sorry that was for baby back the boneless I cook for about two and a half hours
Sandra J. December 10, 2017
I cooked mine for three and a half to 4 hours from freezer to oven at 350. I do have it to meet mometer but I don't always use it with baby back ribs when the meet starts pulling away from the bone on the ends it's done it'll go back quarter inch or so. At three and a half hours I put barbecue sauce on it. At 4 hours I turn off the oven and leave it sit for at least 20 minutes maybe a little bit more. It's a long slow process but I cook from Frozen all the time start them it noon they'll be ready for dinner. I hope this helped
702551 August 28, 2016
A meat thermometer will help you get consistent results every time, but people have been cooking for millennia without meat thermometers.

Cook it until it is done, meaning to your liking. After all, you are going to eat it, not us.

Good luck.
pierino August 28, 2016
While its certainly true that the internal temperature matters most (and you need a dependable instant read probe to be sure) the end result of "baking them" is going to produce something that doesn't taste very good anyway. If you have to cook straight from the freezer it would be better to braise them. And you can use a microwave to at least get the defrosting process going faster.
702551 August 27, 2016
If I recall correctly, commercial food processors cook frozen meat all the time (it's safe) and it's something like 1.5x the time of cooking thawed cold meat.

In any case, cooking meat is not about time. It's about reaching the proper/target internal temperature.

Good luck.
Shawn I. August 27, 2016
Thank you.
Shawn I. August 27, 2016
Do you know cooking time and degrees to use? I did mine for about one hour at 375°. They looked done inside and out. Outside was a little dark.
702551 August 27, 2016
Again, it's not about the time.

Since you don't specify exact what cut of meat you are talking about, I suggest you cook the meat to 170 degrees and then start tasting for texture.

From my personal experience, things that need to be cooked to a higher internal temperature are cooked via a cooler heat source than something needs to reach a lower internal temperature.

Of course, there are plenty of folks here would disagree, so again your best guideline is to follow internal temperature and your own personal preference of cooking style.

Good luck.
Shawn I. August 27, 2016
Well i don't care about preference so much as not getting sick or dying from food poisoning or bacteria from not cooking correctly. Btw, they were store bought ribs. Package says they were 2 lbs total, cut into like 8 pieces. About two or three inches long, about a half an inch to an inch thick.
Shawn I. August 27, 2016
Oh and i don't have a food temperature thingy so i just inspected the meat and it was white on the inside after about an hour of baking.
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