I made a walnut rosemary bread last Friday... I still have about a 1/4 of a loaf left... can I use it for something or is week old bread something that should be tossed. I usually put half the loaf in the freezer so this does not happen...

Lucia from Madison


Aliwaks February 1, 2011
My favorite use for "old bread" is to use it as a base for a roast chicken...http://www.food52.com/recipes/3371_roasted_chicken_with_garlic_bread
innoabrd February 1, 2011
would make a great stuffing for a chicken!
brandon January 31, 2011
make a dressing, or use it to make gazpacho
betteirene January 31, 2011
Go here, http://www.food52.com/recipes/7030_crispy_salt_and_pepper_french_toast
We love this stuff. If you don't fancy it plain, do what A&M suggest and make some sort of Monte Cristo or a plain old grilled cheese from it.
spiffypaws January 30, 2011
stuffing for a roast chicken
testkitchenette January 30, 2011
mzlizzle January 30, 2011
Walnut rosemary bread, yum! As long as it's not moldy, I say use it. What about a bread pudding with goat cheese and dried cranberries? Or you could cut it into cubes, coat with olive oil and saute until crispy for croutons on a sweet-and-savory salad. Good luck!
susan G. January 30, 2011
This would make wonderful French toast, bread pudding, strata -- anything where the bread is soaked. Or wonderful bread crumbs!
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