where can I source fresh pistachios and cobnuts here in the US (NYC area)

I stumbled upon fresh Pistachios and Cobnuts (green unripe hazelnuts) at the Food Hall at Harrods & Fortnum & Masons while on a visit to London, I fell in love with these ingredients and want to find out where I can find these in the NYC area (or the Bay area if they will ship to New Jersey). Have any of you worked with these ingredients and if so, could you please help me find these ingredients.

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la chefa
la chefa August 30, 2016

I googled "fresh pistachios nyc" and found this place in Brooklyn:
They list "fresh pistachios" among their merchandise, but I cannot vouch for this.

My search for "cobnuts nyc" turned up nothing. I suspect you'll have to plant your own hazelnut tree or make friends with someone who has one.

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Panfusine August 30, 2016

Thanks for the lead La Chefa, I'll call them up to ask if they have any. SOmeone on FB mentioned that my best bet would be the mediterranean grocery stores.

amysarah September 1, 2016

For Mediterranean items, you might want to check out Astoria (Queens.) Old Greek/Med community, some great restaurants, bakeries, grocery shops, etc. Fun to explore in any case, if you haven't been. Also for mostly Med, International Grocery on 9th Ave. right by the Port Authority. Haven't been there in a while, but might be worth calling to ask.

ChefJune August 31, 2016

Where in New York are you? I would try Kalustyan's on Lex @ 26th or 27th. Or Sahadi on Atlantic Avenue if you're closer to Brooklyn. You may be able to order from either or both on line. Also Bazzini's nuts sells on line and I've had good luck with their products. What are "cobnuts?" Never heard that term - suspect it might be British.

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Panfusine August 31, 2016

Planning to call up Kalustyans to find out. Cobnuts are immature green hazelnuts that are still attached to the green covering husk. They are crunchy like jicama and have a flavor reminiscent of coconut without the nutty oiliness.. I shared a single specimen with my husband after breaking open one with a stone from the hotels landscaping in London. Had throw the rest out because you can't bring it into the US.

Shuna Lydon
Shuna Lydon August 31, 2016

What a great question! I have never seen cobnuts outside of London. I used to pick them on the trees along the canals, when I lived there. I don't believe they are exported or grow in North America, but you might want to call nut farms to verify this. Or try calling Dean and Deluca, because they buy a lot of imported and rare fruits and vegetables, when in season.

Unless you know someone with a pistachio tree, you cannot buy "fresh" or "young" pistachios.

In the USA, pistachios grow in California. The pistachios in the photo you provided are, in fact, California pistachios. They are the most inexpensive variety of pistachio, and, unfortunately, this is the nut most companies have for sale. The absolute best pistachios come from Greece, Iran, and Sicily. These places grow a different variety, a nut that is greener, sweeter, and smaller.

If you're in NYC, the best place to source pistachios is from any retailer who keeps them in the refrigerator. I would go to SOS on ave B between 6-7th street (east village/lower east side), or the Bushwick Food Coop (you don't have to be a member to shop.) But call ahead first to inquire - excellent pistachios are in high demand, and great ones sell out quickly.

Pistachios should cost no less than $25 per pound, but can cost as much as $60 per pound.

I love love love cobnuts. I wish I could find them in the USA too!

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Panfusine September 1, 2016

Oh thank you, Thank you Shuna, these are fantastic leads.

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