Where can I find fresh curry leaves?



healthierkitchen May 2, 2012
they actually carry them in my local organic market. Maybe one in Brookly does as well?
Maedl May 2, 2012
You can grow your own. You can find a curry plant in plant shops that have a good herb collection. All you need is a pot, dirt, and sunny window slil.
Panfusine May 2, 2012
Oh no.. Curry plants are notoriously slow to sprout..they're actually trees rather than annuals although I have a 2nd generation budding up from seed, they need a LOT of care..
Quinciferous May 1, 2012
Kalustyan's in Manhattan -- it has everything under the sun! I miss it a lot.


According to their website, they offer both fresh and dried curry leaves. Definitely go for fresh if possible -- as others have mentioned, they freeze well.
scasa07 May 1, 2012
I live in Brooklyn. Does anyone know of a good Indian grocer?
Panfusine May 1, 2012
Any Indian grocery will stock them.. They dry very well and the dried version can be used as a substitute for the fresh leaves
EmilyNunn May 1, 2012
Where do you live? If you are in a big city, Indian grocer, of course. There are great ones in Chicago. Amazing produce.
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