Ingredient help! Where can I find fresh *edible* roses in NYC/online to make rose jam?



Diana B. September 1, 2016
Are you in a neighborhood? If so, I would put out a call to the neighbors, including the adjacent neighborhoods, asking for rose petals.
Shuna L. August 31, 2016
Absolutely do not buy fresh roses for cooking/baking unless the seller can offer PROOF that the grower used ABSOLUTELY NO SPRAYS WHATSOEVER. The plant itself has to be organic, and then the flowers cannot be sprayed. If you cannot get a guarantee, you will get sick, and should seek immediate medical attention if you even so much as have a stomach ache after eating fresh flower anything.

Also, only one type of rose still has a scent - the Tea Rose. It's a larger rose whose color is mauvy pink. 99% of all roses have had the scent/perfume/aroma bread completely out of them, in favor of color and petal fragility.

I love working with rose, but even organic rose petals, dried, lose their volatiles quickly, and you can't really make jam with dried petals - they are not palatable at that point.

I would look online for edible flower sellers. Talk to a local chef and find out if a local farmer grows for any restaurants.

If you just want to flavor of rose, but you are willing to fogo an actual rose, may I suggest Rose Geranium? I love working with these leaves - they are beautiful and fragrant, and grow well in a garden. It's much easier to find organic, un sprayed rose geranium than roses.
Andreea August 31, 2016
Just buy rose jam, it's fairly common in Middle Eastern shops.

But also eating [edible] plants bought from flower sellers is never recommended, they have all been sprayed with a lot of powerful insecticides and are not always safe to eat even if you wash them thoroughly.
Nancy August 31, 2016
Fair enough. Buying the jam is easier and yes most/all blooms are sprayed.
But/and sometimes we want to make things from scratch.
Here's a recipe using dried rose petals or rosebuds, which may be easier and safer to source.
amysarah August 30, 2016
This maybe too obvious an answer, but have you checked Union Sq. Greenmarket, or another farmer's market? I've definitely seen edible nasturtiums there, not sure about roses.

Or maybe in the flower district - probably better prices, but that might take more research, as the vendors probably aren't as knowledgeable about what's edible.
Nancy August 30, 2016
What a lovely idea!
Have a look at the "resources" section in Louisa Shafia, New Persian Kitchen (2013) or other Persian cookbooks.
Also, about 7 or 8 varieties of roses here (though I haven't bought from them and can't vouch for service or quality):
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