Rose Petals?

I want to try a jam recipe that uses fresh rose petals stirred in at the end right before putting into the jars. Since I still have snow on the ground, I thought I would use dried organic food grade rose petals or rose buds. My questions are:
1. When to add the dried rose petals?
2. How much to use? Recipe calls for 1/2 to 2 cups red rose petals?
Thanks fellow picklers!

Helen's All Night Diner


Helen's A. April 9, 2011
Thanks for the info! I'll head over to Whole Foods to get the roses, I thought they might have them.
For the jam, I will probably make a simple syrup infused w/ the rose petals. I think that the dried petals might have a funky texture in the jam. If I have enough petals, I may make a small batch of rose petal vodka and stir in a shot of that, too.
ALittleZaftig April 8, 2011
I have found edible organic roses at Whole Foods for $7.00/dozen heads. Might be worth a call if you live near one.
macollins April 8, 2011
Not a direct answer, but some links to other recipes that you could extrapolate from. ...uses dried rose petals and has you toast them, and then add them to a simple syrup. From the looks of it, you don't leave them on the heat long, so for your recipe it might be best to add them towards the end dry, with some compensation for the liquid needed to rehydrate them, in the jam itself.

If you look at, they suggest using 1/3 cup of dried roses in lieu of a cup of could use that ratio as a starting point in your jam.

When I was a child, my babysitter would have me help her collect rose petals to make jam...I can't recall watching the cooking process, but it was yummy. Don't wait until the snow melts, try it now for a pre-spring treat!
boulangere April 8, 2011
Hmmmm. Fresh rose petals would assimilate much more easily than dried, obviously. I'd suggest first rehydrating a small amount of the dried ones in hot water until they soften (put a plate over the bowl to hold in the heat), then try stirring it into a small amount of your jam. If you like the results, great; if not, you haven't ruined the whole batch. Alternatively, try adding some rose water instead of the dried petals, or even perhaps wait until the snow melts (and please let me say how glad I am to hear that someone else is in our shoes!) and the roses bloom. Surely they will. Someday.
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