any suggestions for a Chinese New Year dinner for families?

The Mary-anne


healthierkitchen January 31, 2011
NYT had a great sounding recipe last week:
jwolfsthal January 31, 2011
that is Lunar new year, of course.
jwolfsthal January 31, 2011
every year for the linar new year, we do a dumpling festival, where we ask guests to bring a dunping of their choice, or to join us for making Jiaoze or Baozi. Always great fun.
Sam1148 January 30, 2011
While I cook a lot of Chinese food at home. New Years is always more fun at a good resturant with friends and family. Find a good one that leans towards more authentic dishes. Most will offer a fixed New Years menu sometimes with about 12 courses, served family style one after the other.

If doing this at home. Make multiple dishes. A Soup, Fried appetizer dish, Steamed dumplings, A Sour pickled dish, Braised or Roasted meats, Steamed whole fish, A Stir fry with veggies, Rice, and fruit. Quite an undertaking for the home cook.
susan G. January 30, 2011
There are many internet sources featuring a Chinese New Year meal with traditional symbolic foods.
Eats January 30, 2011
We do a dish that is cooked right at the dining room table. First, thinly slice flank steak, boneless chicken breast, scallions, nappa, and unsliced peeled shrimp. With an electric frying pan, heat up several cans of chicken broth. When boiling, add thin rice noodles. Then some of each of the chicken, shrimp, beef, and vegetables. Cover until cooked, then serve the first round. Add more broth and do it again. Serve over white rice, we sometimes will add a few raw eggs to poach.
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