Planning a dinner party. Menu includes tamales, carne asada, roasted tomatillos, etc. Looking for good dessert suggestions, especially a suitable cake. Thx!


Merrill S. August 1, 2011
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creamtea August 1, 2011
I'd go with Sagegreen's and AntoniaJames' suggestion: something refreshingly fruity after those rich spicy flavors, maybe a beautifully-arranged fruit platter.
AntoniaJames July 31, 2011
I'd serves a simple fruit salad spiked with rum and mint and a bit of lime juice. At this time of year, I'd make it with watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches and/or nectarines, strawberries and blueberries. With that menu I'd also serve a crisp green salad with jicama, radishes, cherry tomatoes and avocado, and maybe a few fried tortilla strips thrown in for crunch, dressed in a citrus vinaigrette. ;o)
Sagegreen July 31, 2011
What about just simple fresh fruit cubes with hot pepper and light turbinado sugar or artisan salt sprinkles? Pineapple, watermelon and mango? Maybe with a splash of spirit? If you want you could incise a small cut in the fruits and add tequila or your favorite spirit, if appropriate. Or maybe fresh fruit with a small scoop of a citrus sherbet?
Anitalectric July 31, 2011
Your menu already sounds pretty involved. Why not go easy on yourself & pick up a jar of cajeta from a latino grocery, set it in some simmering water to warm up, and serve it on top of ice cream? If you want to play it up, get some of those Spanish olive oil crackers (the big round kind) and break them up a little to serve under or on top. They are so simple yet delicious.
ddinnerparty July 31, 2011
I think the best partner for that is Silvanas cake. Or you could check some recipes on [url=]Dinner Party Recipes[/url].
MGrace February 2, 2011
try making a tembleque, which is something like a cross between pudding, flan and panna cotta made with coconut milk. i don't have a consistent recipe yet, as I've just started making, but if you google there are many variations. it plates up nicely for a 'fancy' dessert, as you can easily invert out of the ramekins, top with mango or pineapple and serve with a pretty cookie on the side. or just eat it right out of the ramekins as you walk to the couch to plop down ;) it's not cake, but it's rich delish and light all at the same time. i've served after a menu similar to yours. perfect ending.
Summer O. February 1, 2011
Coconut flan.
Bevi January 31, 2011
Chocolate anything with cinnamon and chipotle powder, a carrot cake, flan.
Sundayinthekitchen January 31, 2011
Dulce de leche ice cream with pecans? Here's a recipe:
betteirene January 31, 2011
Dulce de leche rice pudding with caramelized or roasted pineapple sticks. Don't ask for a recipe--this just popped into my head after reading your post.
JenniferF January 30, 2011
Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking that something involving pineapple or banana could be good... with dulce de leche maybe.
Nora January 30, 2011
I vote for flan, too. Although something chocolate will always work.
mrslarkin January 30, 2011
or a flan.
Kayb January 30, 2011
Can't see how you could do other than tres leches cake. Here's one of my fave recipes; beware, this stuff is RICH.
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