Do you have a suggestion for adding some sort of alcohol to help the sorbet not set up too hard. Kirsch perhaps?

  • Posted by: Sauertea
  • September 4, 2016
Fresh orange basil sorbet
Recipe question for: Fresh orange basil sorbet


Oh S. September 5, 2016
Hi Sauertea, I don't normally go with alcohol as my kids eat it. But normally if you make sorbet with an ice cream maker, it shouldn't be as hard as only freezing it. Being said that, it's always easier to scoop if you leave it out in room temperature for 5 minutes or so. :)
pierino September 5, 2016
I've used prosecco with good results.
Nancy September 5, 2016
Many good ideas so far. Another direction (if you have them around or like them) would be to use a liqueur based on one herb or a judicious mixture.
Whatever the case, go easy in first batch and increase, if needed, thereafter.
Flavor examples:
anise (many brands);
herb blends (galliano, benedictine, etc);
licorice (sambuca).
amysarah September 5, 2016
Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Triple Sec or whatever orange liqueur you like would work well to underscore the orange flavor.

If you’re interested in a different direction (kirsch has a cherry/almond-y flavor, so figured you might be) – maybe Campari, if you’re a fan. Its orange-herbal flavor would play well with the orange/basil, and also add a bitter note - not too strong, if used judiciously. In a similar vein, David Lebovitz makes a delicious Grapefruit Campari sorbet, to give idea of proportion:
702551 September 4, 2016
My initial thought would be Grand Marnier since it is orange based.

Alternate liqueurs would be triple sec or curaçao, again both citrus-based.

Of course, cognac is a reasonable option as well. There's always some cognac in my pantry, so if felt no desire to drive to the grocery store, I'd probably use that.
Sauertea September 4, 2016
Smaug September 4, 2016
Essencia is another good orange liqueur. If you just want the alcohol, vodka. Rum, or even whiskey, would probably be good, but you're messing with the flavor profile more, and if this dish works at all it's going to be a pretty delicate balance.
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