Should the corn be cooked or uncooked?

  • Posted by: cristina
  • September 5, 2016


JSCooks September 6, 2016
I hope you find it a worthy use for your berries, Cristina -- enjoy!
JSCooks September 6, 2016
Hi Cristina, JSCooks here. Thanks for considering making my cake, and thanks for asking! The corn need not be cooked before baking. (I would hope most authors would specify any steps they expect you to take--I certainly would.) I hope you gave the cake a try and enjoyed it. It's a late summer favorite around here. I made one just last week, as it happens. Happy baking!
cristina September 6, 2016
Thank you for the quick response! I have an abundance of raspberries from all the picking done this Labor Day weekend. Thought to myself how nice they would taste in a cornmeal based cake and was thrilled when I found your recipe. Won't get to baking until tonight but looking forward to tasting it. All the best!
hardlikearmour September 5, 2016
Since the recipe doesn't specify, I'd go uncooked.
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