mailing treats

My daughter is deployed for 6 months on a ship, and asked me to send her healthy snacks. It takes a month to get to her. Do you have any ideas on that? there are a lot of per packaged nuts and dried fruit just thought if I could combine them.

Janet Foley


Nancy September 11, 2016
In addition to the nuts & dried fruit, consider these (depending on her taste or preference):
*jerky or dried meat snacks;
*biscotti (commercially prepared and/or without fat will last longer than homemade and with fat);
*crackers (commercially prepared, whole grain);
*granola as cereal or bars;
*dark chocolate - well wrapped in foil and plastic, in case the package *spends some time at warm temperature.
BerryBaby September 11, 2016
Lots of prepackaged healthy snacks that last a long time if not open. Terra Mediterranean chips, rice cakes, dried fruit, Trader Joe's has all kinds of healthy, fun snacks.
Janet F. September 11, 2016
Thanks its worth the trip to Raleigh, I miss being close to Trader Joes. I will make a day of it and visit Pensezy spice store..I think she would love getting any of those things.
Janet F. September 11, 2016
Thank you for your help. i don't think I ever served her a fruit cake. She is a tea drinker and it might go well with that. It is a wonderful idea. I might try the same ingredients and make a bar cookie. If she doesn't like it I'm sure one of the 4000 others on the ship would. All the best!
702551 September 11, 2016
Well, one time-honored American tradition would be to send a fruitcake, an item that has shown many times that it can survive long transit times and survive without refrigeration. Admittedly, I lost my sweet tooth decades ago and fruitcake was never something I was enthusiastic about even when I did enjoy sweets.

Particularly in Europe, there are many similar preparations with long conservation times since these concoctions were invented long before refrigeration became commonplace. Examples are stollen (Germany), klaben (Germany), Tarte des Alpes (France), pandoro (Italy), and panettone (Italy). Other similar long-conservation concoctions include lebkuchen (Germany) and panforte (Italy).

In my experience, some of these concoctions I appreciate more than others, and many of these preparations have variants, again some more appealing to me than others. You will have to research these various dishes yourself to determine if your daughter would enjoy them. You more than anyone else should have a better grasp of what she might enjoy; we know nothing about her tastes.

That said, personally, I would welcome nuts and dried fruits packaged separately. As I mentioned, I'm not much of a fan of sweets anymore.

Good luck.
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