For what can I use 6 beaten eggs, 1 cup milk and 3 Tbls sugar that should have been 2 tsp sugar?

Ann Bloomquist


Shuna L. September 15, 2016
Crêpes, Clafoutis, Pastry Cream, Flan, Crème Anglaise, Dutch Pancakes, Crème Caramel - anything that's custard based!
CSA I. September 13, 2016
Hmm, what about turning this into some sort of fruit-based quiche? Add another cup of dairy--heavy cream would be my preference, and then add some chopped up-plums, the late summer ones that aren't incredibly juicy. Lemon zest. Nutmeg. Bake for 40 minutes.

Disclaimer: I haven't actually made this, but as long as you have the ingredients--anyway, that's what I might try.
creamtea September 12, 2016
Agreed, you could make a Dutch Baby with the 6 eggs, add an additional 1/2 cup milk and 1-1/2 cups flour, plus some vanilla. Melt several T of butter in a large Pyrex pan (or 2 cast iron skillets) until foamy (or even brown; brown butter is good in a Dutch Baby).
Windischgirl September 12, 2016
French toast--add some cinnamon and vanilla; or make a bread pudding. Add flour to make Popovers or Dutch Baby or Kaiser Schmarrn...ideal for 'breakfast for dinner'. Add canned pumpkin and spices for pumpkin custard (crustless pie) or make another kind of pudding or custard or flan. Or a cream pie. Don't worry too much about the extra sugar.
creamtea September 12, 2016
Are they already all combined?
If so, here's a recipe; you'll have to multiply the ingreds since you already have tripled the number of eggs!
Tam O. September 12, 2016
or clafoutti
Tam O. September 12, 2016
you could add some flour and make crepes?
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