I'm doubling an 8 1/2 × 4 1/2 × 2 1/2 pound cake receipe. Will it fit in a 12 1/2 × 9 × 2 pan and his do i adjust the cooking time

  • Posted by: Debby
  • September 15, 2016


Shuna L. September 15, 2016
I strongly do not suggest increasing a pound cake recipe and putting it into a deeper vessel. The outside could burn before the interior cooks all the way through.
Smaug September 16, 2016
Hardly a problem; the cake's no deeper. A much deeper pan, especially if narrow, might slow down the browning of the top slightly, but in this case the depth of the pan shouldn't make any noticeable difference.
Smaug September 15, 2016
You really need to triple the recipe, or the cake will be quite thin. If you do that , the cooking time won't change much; it will probably be a little slower, depending on the efficiency and thermal mass of your oven; you'll need to test for doneness. If you double it, it will cut the time significantly; once again, you'd need to test. In the second case, you'll end up with more outside to the amount of inside, and the cake could be a bit drier.
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