Want to double a recipe for crustless quiche which for one recipe takes about 1 hr at 350 degrees in a 3 qtr pan. I want to cook two pans at the same

time so they will both be hot to serve at same time. Not sure how much longer it will take with double that amount. Recipe is mostly eggs and cheese mixture. Can you give me a good estimate of how much extra time to allow to cook two three qtr pans?

carrie renfro
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1 Comment

SMSF February 5, 2015
Two quiches will take the same amount of time as 1 quiche. I suggest rotating the pans about halfway through the recommended cooking time to ensure they both cook evenly. Take them out when the top center is set but still a bit jiggly - it may not take the full hour and you definitely don't want to overcook them! Good luck.
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