Greetings! For some reason, none of my e-mails are getting through to the food52 folks. I am hoping that someone will be able to get through to me. Thanks!

bella s.f.


calendargirl January 31, 2011
bella s.f., i have also sent several messages to assorted food52 members over the last several months, using the SEND ME A MESSAGE feature, and never heard back from any of the folks i wrote to. i wrote to the editors directly about it ([email protected]), using gmail, and didn't receive a response either. i am sure A and M receive tons of emails; perhaps there is an email address we could use when there seems to be a technical problem?
pierino January 31, 2011
You get "no-reply" when it regards a comment thread but if I e-mail "editorial" directly I do receive replies. There may be a temporary problem with their server.
bella S. January 31, 2011
Thanks for the responses. At the moment I am confused. I need to look into what you are talking about... are you talking about getting e-mail from food52? I was saying that I don't think that they are getting the e-mails that I send to them.
What you are saying also has me curious. I receive Amanda and Merrill e-mails. Do you receive others from them? drbabs, please try getting to me again.
Blissful B. January 31, 2011
Hotmail works too.
mrslarkin January 31, 2011
Yeah, I had to switch to a gmail account too. Now it works fine!
drbabs January 31, 2011
bella, I had this probem and we realized that my email exchange server was probably deleting the mail as spam. (It comes in as "no-reply.") set up a gmail account and use it for food52, and you'll start getting your email. (I think i'm one of the people who wrote you, too.)
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