Lord of the Rings theme party

I work in a Student Activities Center at a residential high school. We're having a costumed viewing party tomorrow. I ordered themed snacks (swedish fish as "gollum's goodies", donut holes as "orc boulders", etc) but the grocery order didn't go through. I raided the pantry and will be serving:
pumpkin dip with marshmallow and graham cracker dippers
brownies with a caramel center
cheese crisps
pumpkin spice lattes

Does anyone have any ideas for fun names for these foods to help incorporate them into the theme?



Sade A. October 2, 2016
Pass the pumpkin spice lattes as mead or Merry's Mulled Cider

Nancy September 25, 2016
Also, some other people have already done the work...have a look at these entries on LOTR party and food ideas for titles you could use:
Sam1148 September 24, 2016
PoTAYtoes. (Tater Tots)
Shelob Spider Pizza https://www.rhodesbread.com/recipes/view/spider-web-pepperoni-pizza
Swamp Water Punch...make something up with grape soda and ginger ale.
Baklava. (aka lembas) wrap in parchment. Throw a chunk of dry in there..just a small one. (or if you have a Mexican market that sells banana leaves that would be more authentic...but more expensive)
Short Cut to Mushroom Caps: Mushroom caps stuffed with spinach and feta cheese. Use frozen spinach drain well and season with cavander's seasoning and stuff with feta crumbles in oiled mushroom caps and bake about 10 mins to cook the mushroom.

Use a 'grape fruit spoon' or a 'tomato shark' to clean the caps and save the steams and chop and cook them in olive oil to add to the stuffing mix.
Oh...some bread crumbs on top too.

Good Luck.

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