if something says cook 35 minutes on 425 how long will it take to cook at 350

Jan Barnowsky


CJ August 6, 2018
Cook 375 for 20 min how long cook at 350
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 2, 2016
The tag states "french fries".
trampledbygeese October 2, 2016
Just french fries alone? Then no need to reduce the temperature. I wonder what else is in the oven that would make the OP want to reduce the temp.
trampledbygeese October 2, 2016
I think the answer is, "it depends".

Can you tell us more about what you are cooking?
Sounds like you are doing the 'I've only got one oven but want to cook lots of stuff in it at the same time' trick. It's a great trick and one I frequently employ. If this is what you're going for, can you tell us what else is in the oven with it? Sometimes it's as simple as changing the temperature part way through the cooking, to get both things turning out perfect. Or maybe the other thing doesn't mind the hotter temp (or prefers it). Or change where in the oven each item goes. Or covering one thing, to keep the juices in, or... well there are so many tricks.

Please tell us more and we'll see what we can come up with.
Debbie P. May 3, 2018
Bbq chicken 325 for 40 minutes then red roasted potatos 425 for 30 minutes
Scott May 5, 2018
"Or change where in the oven each item goes."
I learned that working a Tex-Mex fast casual restaurant. We had "convection"ovens that even had warmer areas. But every oven is different, but they all have "hot spots" and cooler places.
CJ August 6, 2018
Pizza at 375 for 20 min how much longer cook at 350
Susan W. October 1, 2016
Your tag says french fries. Are you roasting cut potatoes? If you can only cook them at 350 degrees, I don't think they'll crisp up at all. Limp fries aren't much fun to eat.
creamtea October 1, 2016
I don't think you can project that with absolute accuracy. Why not just follow the directions?
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