Anyone know how to make Rose Water? I just wondered if it could be done at home. I've lots of roses, and I frequently save the hips. It seems economical to make it rather than buy it.



brandon February 2, 2011
really exceptional display of ingenuity
innoabrd February 2, 2011
Cool technique, but rosewater makes me kind of queasy...
Sadassa_Ulna February 1, 2011
I am not a rose expert, but I think the roses for making rosewater are centifolia, damasks or gallicas. Many garden roses are hybrids that have little scent (or less than those grown specifically for rosewater); if you aren't sure what type of roses you have you might want to check with a nursery. Good luck, it sounds interesting!
hardlikearmour February 1, 2011
Wow, Ms Nickel, that's amazing. Thanks for the share!!! I've book marked the link for when my roses bloom this summer.
Hilarybee February 1, 2011
Thank you!
Ms N. February 1, 2011
Sure--pretty easy to do too. I posted this last spring--let me know if it works for you. Makes rose hydrosol, better fragrance than rosewater. Add a little witch hazel for longevity. Pictures & how to:
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