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My favorite extra virgin olive oil that I have been buying by the case for the last 10 years is no longer available :/
Can you recommend a good fruity olive oil for salads and finishing?

  • Posted by: Liz
  • October 16, 2016


dinner A. October 21, 2016
I've really enjoying Villa Oro Picual olive oil as a finishing oil. I would recommend going to a specialty store where you can taste the oils before you buy them, since everyone's taste is different. It won't be the cheapest way to buy it, but if you're only using it to drizzle in for flavor that's less important. The oil I mentioned I think is ~$15-20 at the store like this where I've bought it (Formaggio Kitchen in Boston).
CanadaDan October 20, 2016
I love this olive oil...it's not overly expensive,, i find it fruity and not peppery which i don't like. highly suggest it
Stephanie G. October 17, 2016
At Central Market in Fort Worth, California Olive Ranch is $9.99 for 25 oz.
PHIL October 17, 2016
It is very expensive. Like an expensive wine, I'm not I could appreciate it.
ChefJune October 17, 2016
For finishing and drizzling, my favorite is Alziari Olive Oil from Nice, France. It's available at Williams-Sonoma stores, and on-line as well.
pierino October 17, 2016
Alziari is one of the few brands you can reliably trust. But it is expensive. It carries the A.O.C seal (D.O.P. in Italy) which certifies it's origin. That said, I'm in the California Olive Ranch camp for quality and dependability for an everyday oil. There are a lot of small producers in my area that are producing a superior quality product but without the nationwide marketing reach.
Liz October 17, 2016
Thank you all!
The California Olive Ranch oils are available at Fairway?
I am buying a bottle of the COR Arbequina online, and the next time I'm in Fairway I'll try the Barbera Sicilian.
I appreciate the feedback!
MMH October 17, 2016
Costco Kirkland brand was not included in the fake list nor was Trader Joe's - both very good.
Liz October 17, 2016
Funny you should mention Fairway, I was just there yesterday and bought 2, Lucini and Frantoia. Both left me wanting more. Yes there are dozens to choose from, which is why I posted the question! Which one do you like for salads and finishing?
PHIL October 17, 2016
I liked the Fairway Barbera Sicilian but I would say to test it in the store first to see if you like it. All the oils taste different and some I did not like much. I would try to California Ranch. Its' no cheap but they make a small bottle if you want to try it. It also goes on sales at time.
PHIL October 17, 2016
I agree with Susan , the California ranch is very good. For the major brands, I like Colavita , I'm not sure if they were involved in the fake oil scandal or not. I don't know where you're located but the Fairway market in the NY metro areas carries a dozen of the their own varieties from around the world.
pierino October 17, 2016
Colavita and Bertoli were among the major imported brands cited. What you should know is that the oil can come from anywhere and be blended but if it's bottled in Italy it will be labeled product of Italy. Look for the D.O.P seal which certifies the origin.
Susan W. October 16, 2016
I really like California Olive Ranch everyday olive oil. Gets great reviews and UC Davis (I think) deemed it pure. I also like Trader Joe's Kalamata olive oil.
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