Fruity and almond-y olive oil recommendations

When I was a kid my mom bought this olive oil from Wegmans that described itself as fruity and tasting of almonds, and it was. Not "notes" of fruit and almonds, it actually tasted that way, didn't taste like olives at all. So I used it to make brownies and they were maybe the best damn brownies I've ever had.

But Wegmans stopped selling it when I was a kid, and I'm now on the west coast (in SF). When I look at EVOO labels at the store they all describe themselves as fruity, almond-y, but also peppery, spicy, etc., and I can't afford to take home a dozen or more bottles of EVOO i won't be able to use. Can anyone help me find what I'm looking for?

Seán Hayes


HalfPint January 22, 2018
I don't have a specific brand, but I would suggest going to The Olive Bar. Not sure if there is one in SF but there's one in Campbell & Los Gatos (way south of y'all) but it's sort of a franchise so I'm pretty sure there's one closer to you. Anyhoo, they have a wide selects of olive oils that you can sample before you buy. They're pricier but you can get an idea of the types of olives/region that you are seeking.

You should also try Costplus World Market. They have some decent brands and there might be a samples that you can try.
Nancy January 22, 2018
Delicate olive oils work best in baking and medium ones are ok; what you want to avoid are the Tuscan peppery ones. Some people say Spanish bottled variets are fruitier in taste.
Here are a couple article to guide you...but not all varietals reach all markets, so be flexible in your search.
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