I would like to freeze breakfast burritos

..but I want to use corn tortillas which don't freeze well. Can I freeze filling alone?

Bev Ager


Bev A. October 19, 2016
Thank you for your helpful answer.
Susan W. October 18, 2016
I freeze corn tortillas all the time, but not when folded into a burrito. The freezing the filling is perfect. You could even freeze them in the portions you are going to use them in. Grated cheese actually freezes well too. If you freeze the tortillas with a sheet of wax paper or parchment between the tortillas, it's easy to grab as many as you need.
Bev A. October 18, 2016
Thank you. I look forward to other responses also.
Trena H. October 18, 2016
Me too. You've inspired me to cook and freeze some for my family. I also like topping them with salsa and avocado.
Trena H. October 17, 2016
I've had great luck freezing breakfast burritos with flour tortillas. If you've had trouble freezing corn tortillas then I'd suggest freezing the filling. Be careful to consider that all of your ingredients in your filling freeze well. I've had success freezing cooked potatoes, onions, sausage, eggs, and peppers.
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