how to clean carbon steel

Mauviel Carbon Steel fry pan has rusted. How do you remove the rust?

  • Posted by: james
  • October 29, 2016


james October 30, 2016
Thanks to all who responded. They weren't that rusted and a little bit of steel wool cleaned them up nicely.
Aisha October 30, 2016
If it's just a small area you can scrub it off with a nylon scratch pad (those green scrubby things). You can sprinkle a bit of salt too, to help with the scrubbing. You may not even need to re-season.

If it's a much larger area, I agree with the vinegar bath idea below. And yes you would need to season in this case.
JohnMD1022 October 29, 2016
Fine steel wool will work.

So will a bath of 50% distilled vinegar and water.
pierino October 29, 2016
Steel wool will do the best job, but either way you are going to have to re-season the pan otherwise you will get strong metallic flavors.
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