A question about a recipe: Vegan Apple Crisp

I have a question about the recipe "Vegan Apple Crisp" from Gena Hamshaw. Can this be made at all in advance? Either a few days in refrigerator or in freezer?

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  • Posted by: Fanny
  • November 1, 2016
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Vegan Apple Crisp
Recipe question for: Vegan Apple Crisp

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AntoniaJames November 3, 2016
I wouldn't. The topping will get soggy, and there's really no way to make it crisp again without burning or overcooking the top.

But consider this: You could partially cook the fruit, covered in aluminum foil, in the baking dish, and then let it cool completely, uncovered, before refrigerating, covered. (Don't freeze it. The apples will turn to mush.) Mix up the topping separately, ahead of time, and reserve. On the day you plan to serve, put the topping on the fruit and bake. I'd make sure the topping was at room temperature, but the fruit cold, so as not to overcook the fruit.
Hope this helps. ;o)
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