New Pork Tenderloin Ideas

My family doesn't necessarily like roasted pork tenderloin but it was on sale the other day. Any ideas on how to prepare it another way? Skewers, curry, stew, etc...? Mostly adventurous eaters but I have to watch the spice level for the kids.

Tony S
  • Posted by: Tony S
  • November 2, 2016


BerryBaby November 4, 2016
Oven 375. Brush pork tenderloin with olive oil. Sprinkle with Lawry's Seasoning Salt. Roast for 45 minutes. Brush on barbecue sauce and roast for another 5 minutes. Let stand for 10 minutes. Slice. This is great the cold the next day as well.
AntoniaJames November 3, 2016
This, an all-star in my kitchen: I don't add the honey, and I use approximately (I stopped measuring a long time ago) the amounts called for with one tenderloin, not two. Leftovers make terrific Cubans. Works nicely on the grill.

Speaking of which, skewers, yes! If you go to my NotRecipes on the NotRecipes app, you'll see many instances of lazy marinades + skewered chunks. I started using tenderloin on the grill on a fairly regular basis last summer because the chunks cook to perfection in 5 - 8 minutes depending on grill heat and size. Leftovers are great in roti wraps or on Cubans. ;o)
P.S. The narrow end cooks really quickly so be prepared to hack it off early on in the process when cooking whole. Or, do what I do, and cut off the narrow end from the outset, wrap it in paper and pop it into the freezer, and when you have 2 or 3 of them, use them for stir fries. Hope this helps.
Liz D. November 3, 2016
Cut into medallions & pound & use for any dish that uses pounded thin pieces of meat: Piccatta, schnitzel, etc. I've done it that way with apples & onions--brown the meat, remove, then saute sliced onions & apples until tender, add some cumin & ground coriander. Deglaze with brandy (apple brandy if you have it) or cider, add a little stock, cook down, add a teeny splash of cider vinegar & add meat back to warm. Or, you can use pork tenderloin in Chili Verde. Or butterfly open & rub with spice/herb paste--roll back up & tie, then roast or grill, for some flavor inside. Just don't overcook it
MMH November 2, 2016
We love pork tenderloin because they are so versatile. A favorite from this website is Basil-ginger marinated pork tenderloin by QueenSashy. Most of our favorite marinades for chicken work great on pork tenderloin for grilling, kabobs & stir fries. Sometimes I brown on the stove top & finish in the oven to 140 degrees. We think more in terms of the flavors we want & go from there. Pork tenderloin is like a blank canvas. Experiment & have fun!
Susan W. November 2, 2016
I love using pork tenderloin in stir fry. Still be careful about over cooking. If you get it right, it is so tender and juicy. It takes on the flavor of whatever sauce you use.
Helena November 2, 2016
This is very simple but my favourite way to prepare pork tenderloin is a German caraway prep with reverse sear. So, rub the loin with oil, salt, pepper and a good amount of caraway. Bake/roast at 225 until it hits 140. Take out, rub with more oil. Heat oven to 450 and then turn on the broiler to crisp for a few min. This is especially good if you have a fat cap to crisp.
Catherine November 2, 2016
What I do sometimes is cut it into chunks, skewer it, and broil it for 7-8 minutes each side. For the spice mix you can do whatever you generally like, but souvlaki-style or chilli powder is pretty good and the kids should be fine with it.
weekend A. November 2, 2016
Sometimes I cut it into medallions, pound them thin, then wrap in prosciutto and quickly cook in a very hot skillet (a la saltimbocca).
Or, we grill it over charcoal and baste a few times with BBQ sauce.
I have also braised it with bell peppers, olives and fire roasted tomatoes (season with cumin and chili powder) and serve with black beans and rice. Leftovers great in soft tacos!
amysarah November 2, 2016
Marinate and grill it. A Cuban mojo marinade is nice (many recipes online) - then serve it grilled with black beans and rice and/or fried plantains. Delicious.

It's also really good cut in medallions, pounded thin, breaded (egg wash/flour/breadcrumbs mixed with grated parm) and sauteed for a very tender Milanese - serve with lightly dressed arugula/tomatoes on top or underneath.
inpatskitchen November 2, 2016
This is a family favorite:
pierino November 2, 2016
The key thing with pork tenderloin is not to overcook it. If it get's too dry it's unpleasant. I would braise it with complimentary flavors such as fennel, or apples. Juniper berries and bay leaf are good. Your family probably doesn't like it because roasting will dry it out. It's not the other white meat. A little pink is okay.
Tony S. November 2, 2016
Thanks. I tend to cook the tenderloins to roughly 145. Unfortunately, it is not the temperature that is the problem...
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