chocolate glaze

I made some pecan-coconut bars from a Maida Heatter recipe. I would like to do a chocolate drizzle on top. I followed a different Maida Heatter recipe for a chocolate glaze, cutting it in half so 1 oz each of semi-sweet and unsweetened chocolate, about 1/2 teaspoon honey, one oz of melted coconut spread and coconut oil. I'm cooling it over ice water now. I want to put it in a ziploc and snip off the end and "pipe" it to make a decorative drizzle, not a solid frosting. Will it set up? Should I chill the bars first?? I just realized the coconut will likely make it softer than the butter originally called for.



ChefJune November 4, 2016
It should set up at the same temperature that coconut oil firms up. Which means you may have to keep them refrigerated between serving times.
creamtea November 4, 2016
thanks, June
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