For chocolate pecan pie, can I substitute coconut oil for melted butter?

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AntoniaJames November 25, 2015
In which part of the pie would you be using the coconut oil? In the crust, or in the filling? Also, how is the filling made, i.e., how does the chocolate figure into this? These factors could affect the answer to this question. ;o)
kotchka29 November 25, 2015
In the filling. Recipe calls for melting chocolate and butter, then whisking with eggs, bourbon, sugar, salt, corn syrup and cocoa.
AntoniaJames November 25, 2015
How much melted butter is involved? How much cocoa? How much bourbon? Butter includes a significant amount (15-20%) of water. For that reason, I would have to defer to someone who has actually made the substitution in the recipe you're using to know whether a one-to-one substitution would work.
That said, with those ingredients, if you're not too concerned about texture of the filling, it probably will be okay, if not exactly like the pie if made with butter.
Have you thought of looking for a recipe that calls for coconut oil rather than butter? Here's one from a well-known and (probably reliable) blogger: You can use regular (or even brown) sugar, with a one-to-one substitution, and any pie crust that you like.

BrooklynBridget November 25, 2015
Agree it will but expect to introduce a coconut flavor.
Caroline L. November 25, 2015
i think that would work really well, kotchka29!
Caroline L. November 25, 2015
it should even work for the crust, too! just be sure to really chill the oil and the dough.
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