I am making Chicken Vermentino (from another website)http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/9079-roast-chicken-vermentino

Is there any reason this dish cannot be assembled ahead of time - maybe 3-4 hours early?

  • Posted by: bailboy
  • November 5, 2016


MMH November 7, 2016
I just made this. It is simply divine. It just went in to our permanent file. I did what susan w said. I used 2 oz dried porcini - about $8 but i left out the potatoes and added a pound of baby portobellos and quartered onions. I sautéed the fresh mushrooms in small batches. The recipe starts with chicken skin side down (it stuck a bit). The only thing I would recommend if preparing in advance is not to add the liquid until it goes in the oven. I think you could prepare the mushrooms and just hold them and the liquid separately until you are ready to roast. I used rosemary from my garden. I think fresh thyme would work well also. The aroma and the flavor are wonderful and it comes out a gorgeous carmelized color. I roasted cauliflower as a side dish which is easy to put together. Enjoy. Thank you for asking this question because I wouldn't have found this recipe without you!!!
MMH November 7, 2016
Forgot to say i used all chicken thighs.
MMH November 7, 2016
Also another pound of any type of mushroom would work well.
Susan W. November 7, 2016
I can't wait to make this. It sounds amazing. I'll probably skip the potatoes too and add rutabaga (it's making a comeback at my house) and baby portabellas.
Susan W. November 5, 2016
Your link doesn't work. You need to be sure there's a space between the link and whatever precedes it. I usually put the link on a separate line to be sure.

I looked it up with Google and it looks like a perfect thing to assemble ahead of time. I'm questioning the amount of dried mushrooms. Does 2.5 ounces really turn into 2.5 cups? I know at my stores, 2.5 ounces would cost a fortune, but go for it if that's not an issue. I think I'd use fresh baby portabella mushrooms, but all those dried will be delicious!!

Here's the link for anyone who's interested in the recipe. I'm definitely making it soon.

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