Making garlic roast chicken and taking it to daughter's. Can I "almost" (like not cook last half hour out of 1-3/4 hours), and bring it over and within half hour it will be in her oven to finish?

Martha Healy


Martha H. February 26, 2014
Thanks. Did refrigerate, covered with alum foil and just leaving now. Takes about 10 minutes in 15 degree weather to get to daughters. Will go into her refrigerator until about 5 o'clock. Has another 30 minutes to cook and raise internal temp. Can't imagine safety problem, just taste! And they missed the great smells. But I work at home and can't leave early.
boulangere February 26, 2014
Actually this is a common practice in restaurants, but the meat in question is refrigerated immediately,where it remains until it is finished off in the oven just prior to serving. If you can meet those conditions, go ahead. If not, don't. Perhaps leave early and plan to completely roast the chicken on-site.
Cristina S. February 26, 2014
I agree with SKK, best never to partially cook meat.

Is the dish a braise? (The long cooking time indicates to me that it might be.) If so, you could cook the dish the night before, get it into the fridge overnight, and then gently reheat it once at your daughter's house. The overnight resting time would make it taste even better.

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SKK February 26, 2014
No. Never partially cook meat and then finish cooking later. The chicken will be in the danger zone of 40 - 140 F too long and bacteria will grow and the risk of food born illness is too high. Cook it completely and reheat at your daughters, or cook it at your daughters. If I was going to transport it, I would cook it, slice it off the bone and cover it with a sauce and reheat it that way at the final destination
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