In today's edition of "would you eat it"

I left a package of raw chicken thighs in the trunk of the car from my grocery run this morning. It's a brisk fall day here and by the time I remembered them maybe 2.5 hrs had passed. They were cool to the touch. Would you cook and eat?

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Smaug November 7, 2016
My general feeling is, if you have to ask, don't eat it. However, many foods, but especially meats, will tell you in no uncertain terms if they've gone bad; your chicken is probably ok.
Smaug November 7, 2016
Not that I would take "probably OK" from a stranger as enough to risk it.
BerryBaby November 7, 2016
"When in doubt, throw it out!" It might be ok, but why chance it?
ChefJune November 6, 2016
If you are asking this question, you are doubtful. Is it worth potentially making someone sick?
yes, I would cook and eat them, but under the conditions you outlined I wouldn't have wondered if they would be okay.
weekend A. November 6, 2016
Thanks everyone -- my feeling is that it's probably fine, but I might not eat it nonetheless. I started cooking it as soon as I brought it inside (shortcut confit), but I just don't know if I can enjoy it. Oh well good thing it is just chicken thighs and not a super pricy cut of meat!
Susan W. November 6, 2016
You're probably making the right decision. I often go the "it'll be okay route", but then I have to put up with nagging thoughts.

Tell us more about the shortcut confit. Do you have a link?
weekend A. November 6, 2016
Susan I use this Geoffrey Zakarian recipe as my guidelines:
It calls for letting the chicken refrigerate for 24 hours in the seasonings before proceeding but I never have. It's very good!
Susan W. November 6, 2016
Great sounding recipe. I'd want to use skin on, bone in. Is that what you do? Also, do you save the oil and melted chicken fat to use down the road?
weekend A. November 6, 2016
Yup, bone in and skin on. And yes -- the oil/drippings are saved as well. I do the usual suspects with it: roasted potatoes, other veg, etc. Good stuff!
Susan W. November 6, 2016
I think I'll side with Pierino and Natalie R. The only caveat is where was the car parked? Full sun? There's that full sun on metal car thing. It doesn't sound like it if the chicken was cool to the touch.

I'd go for it, but as Pierino said "but...".
Natalie R. November 6, 2016
I believe I read somewhere that you should throw out chicken after 3 hours at room temperature. Since you haven't yet cooked it, I think it would be safe since 1) The temperature was below room temp (from the sound of it), 2) You returned in 3 hours, and 3) cooking it is a sort of reset for a lot of bacteria and you'll be cooking it more thoroughly than just reheating leftovers. Smell it to be sure, but I think you'll be fine.
pierino November 6, 2016
No guarantees but if the ambient temperature is 40F or close to it they are probably OK but...
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