How do I best stretch 5 chicken legs? Arroz con pollo or paella? Any delicious recipe recommendations?

  • Posted by: bellly
  • November 14, 2016


scruz November 14, 2016
she is a marvelous young chef with very doable vietnamese food. even if you don't try her recipes (some of the techniques are great to learn), it makes exploring vietnamese food in restaurants very easy.
scruz November 14, 2016
oops i wasn't logged in and left off the beginning of my answer. if you aren't familiar with helen's recipes on youtube, here is a link to her recipe for pho:
MMH November 14, 2016
bellly November 14, 2016
Is there a recipe you recommend? :-)
Kate H. November 14, 2016
I love to slow cook and shred similar to scruz. Along with soup, shredded chicken can be used to top anything from tacos to a big green salad. I often like to freeze small packets of shredded chicken when I have extra. These easily become chicken salad or a topper for lunches.
scruz November 14, 2016
i would first make a broth with them. shred one leg for soup and add veggies/beans. with one or two legs, i would shred and make enchiladas. and shred one or two and add onions, swiss cheese, mayo and fill hollowed out steak rolls and bake until hot and crusty. without knowing how many you are serving at one meal, if you had one left over, you could make a graving and add diced carrot, celery onion, peas, potato and chicken for a stew.
HalfPint November 14, 2016
You could go Asian and make Vietnamese Chicken Curry:
bellly November 14, 2016
pierino November 14, 2016
Here's something a little different. Substitute legs for the thighs with the same result
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