I'm making a recipe that calls for a slow cooker on high-- but I'm using my Dutch oven instead since its all I have. Any idea on what temperature in the over corresponds to 'high'? In the slow cooker, the dish would be cooked for 5 hours.


  • Posted by: nana
  • February 4, 2011


hardlikearmour February 4, 2011
I've only made chicken and dumplings on the stove top. Cook time for me is about an hour and 45 minutes.
nana February 4, 2011
Thanks everyone! I'm making good old-fashioned chicken and dumplings.
ChefDaddy February 4, 2011
In the last twenty five years I have had two slow cookers (crock pot) and have noticed on both that the low setting is 150-160F and the medium setting was 175F and the high setting was around 200F. I hope this helps.
pierino February 4, 2011
Missing element here; what are you cooking?
hardlikearmour February 4, 2011
It should take about 2.5 hours at 325º F according to this: http://www.cookingincastiron.com/files/20080123_slowcooker_to_dutchoven.html
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