failure with UK cake recipes using self rising flour-all sink in the middle after testing done.

Inspired by the GBBO I have tried a number of (usually) Mary Berry recipes and all looked good, tested done and then sank in the middle as they cooled. Suggestion that too much baking powder though UK and North American self rising four all say one and a half teaspoons of baking powder per cup of flour. I wonder whether anyone else is experiencing this problem? Bread recipes come out just fine, btw.

barbara broerman


Maedl November 17, 2016
I would not use self-rising flour--add your own baking powder to all purpose flour. See this link:

If I were doing this, I would check a few other books on the correct amount of baking powder, though. Nigella says 2 teaspoons to a cup (six ounces) of flour. I think a cup of all purpose flour weighs just over four ounces--thus two teaspoons might be too much.

Christina November 16, 2016
Yes sounds like too much baking powder. Are you measuring the teaspoon level or heaped? Try less.
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