I can't get this dough to rise - !! Am I supposed to activate the yeast first (and then 'whisk' it into the dry ingredients?

Brown Butter Butternut Rolls
Recipe question for: Brown Butter Butternut Rolls


Julie December 28, 2017
Thanks! This is the answer.....

weshook October 26, 2017
Rita, did you ever have success with this? I made them today using regular dry active yeast. I did mix in a different order. My squash was cold from the refrigerator, so I heated the milk and butter, stirred it into the squash, then added the yeast after checking to make sure the mixture wasn't too warm. Then I stirred in the egg, brown sugar and salt. Added the flour gradually until I needed to knead by hand. I let it rise in a slightly warmed oven. It rose nicely.
Rita P. November 17, 2016
Really appreciate the input. Thanks, I'll try proofing first.
inpatskitchen November 16, 2016
I'm so sorry you're having problems with this. Maybe using regular active dry yeast and proofing will solve the problem. And is your dough rising in a warm enough place? I usually turn my oven on to 100F while I'm making the dough, turn the oven off and leave it open for about 10 minutes. Then put the covered dough in to let it rise. Or just wait and let it slowly rise..
Rita P. November 16, 2016
Actually, I was afraid I didn't have the milk/butter hot enough. So, I checked the temp until it got up to 100 but, that was way past "barely melted". Hey, I sincerely appreciate your input. This is the 3rd time I've tried the recipe because I love the ingredients but, I was ready to toss in the towel this time.
Smaug November 16, 2016
I dunno- the recipe seems fine- maybe your yeast has gone bad, never trusted these newfangled yeasts anyway. You seem determined- probably doing it with active dry yeast and proofing it is your best bet. Assuming you don't have it rising in an ice cave or something.
Smaug November 16, 2016
As the recipe is written (with rapid rise yeast) no, it isn't usually proofed and not in this recipe. If you used active dry yeast it might be a problem, but should still rise(maybe not so evenly) as long as it was hydrated - is it possible you had the milk butter mixture too hot?
Rita P. November 16, 2016
Thank you! It helps a lot.
thecookandthetraveler November 16, 2016
Rita- I don't know this recipe first hand but when I make brioche (I am assuming this the same base) I do activate the yeast before mixing into the dry ingredients. This allows you to make sure the yeast is still active so that you don't waste all the other ingredients having added them to a yeast that is past its prime. Hope this helps.
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