Best food writing courses?

I'd like to improve my food writing and am looking for programs, both formal and informal, that teach food writing. Any recommendations?

K and K
  • Posted by: K and K
  • November 17, 2016


scruz November 17, 2016
i don't know of any programs, but in general, read as much as you can and keep track of those you think are the best and analyze why you think they are the best. also, practice writing daily. most people have a fear of writing and i had to write a lot in my profession. it became so easy and when writing about something i didn't possess all of the facts, i would write quickly as much as i knew and wrote "xxxx" where i needed facts. like photography, most of the work was done later through editing. good luck.
K A. November 18, 2016
Thank you scruz for your advice and for sharing your experience. Practice is key. May I ask what you did in your profession? I'd like to get into the food writing world.
ChefJune November 17, 2016
One of the very best is Crescent Dragonwagon's Fearless program. You can find her on Facebook. She is a brilliant writer and teacher and one of the loveliest persons you would ever want to meet.
Greenstuff November 17, 2016
She's right here on Food52.
K A. November 18, 2016
Thank you! I'll look into her site.
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