Why are my chocolate chip cookies flat! They are gift for a friend today?

  • Posted by: sile
  • November 18, 2016


Susan W. November 18, 2016
I hate to add this, but you didn't by chance forget or measure incorrectly the baking powder and/or soda did you? Don't ask me how I know about that particular catastrophe.
Smaug November 18, 2016
By this, I assume you mean they have spread too much- almost inevitably this is a result of the flour/fat ratio being off; how you measure flour makes a huge different in the actual amount- if you fluff it more than the recipe writer, or sift it when they didn't, you'll have problems. There are other factors that will have some effect- temperature of the dough, how much it's rested, size of eggs etc., but the differences are usually pretty small- none of that should cause catastophic spreading.
BerryBaby November 18, 2016
Could be a couple of things. Either the eggs were too cold or over mixing the ingredients. When adding the dry to the creamed butter or wet ingredients, only mix until everything is incorporated and then stop.
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