I roasted a chicken & root veg in the same pan but the veggies ended up poached, not roasted. I saved them + drippings. What could I do with them?

The veggies are delicious but are pretty one with the chicken fat at this point & therefore not super appetizing to eat straight. I thought maybe I could blend them & keep it as sort of a bouillon. Would that work? Any other suggestions?

Kelley Bodwell


JOEY November 21, 2016
As they have been swaddled in all that good chicken fat, couldn't you strain them out, pop on a baking sheet, salt & pepper, and cook high temp 450-ish to char a bit for some texture and interest? Even run under the broiler??
ktr November 21, 2016
Mash them into mashed potatoes. I do this frequently with roasted carrots and my family actually prefers it to plain mashed potatoes.
MMH November 21, 2016
I agree with Kenzi or you can put them in to a chicken stock.
Kenzi W. November 21, 2016
What about blitzing and stirring into a soup to enrich it?
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