best way to cook mackerel? pan roasting? poaching? grilling...

  • Posted by: brandon
  • September 23, 2011


pierino September 23, 2011
I would advocate grilling. Mackerel is kind of an oily fish. We used to think of them as the cockroaches of the sea during my fishing days. They would snag your bait while you were trying to drop your line to the bottom where the bass were. If you are using fresh mackerel, like right out of the ocean, you should clean it as quickly as possible.
Ophelia September 23, 2011
I enjoy it filleted, quickly brined (10 minutes max) and immediately grilled or pan fried fairly hot (2-3 minutes per side). The overcooked bits will be crunchy and delicious, the perfectly cooked bits will be flaky and deliciously oily, there should be no undercooked bits.
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