How many cups of cornbread to you get from an 8x8 pan? And can I bake a fruit pie now for T-Day? - Food52

How many cups of cornbread to you get from an 8x8 pan? And can I bake a fruit pie now for T-Day?

  • Posted by: pennie
  • November 22, 2016


ChefJune November 22, 2016
No for the pie. Fruit pies are generally juicy to start with, and trying to store any pie overnight is likely to lead to a less crisp crust than what you really want anyway,.
Smaug November 22, 2016
However, if you're dealing with a recipe that calls for something like Xcups of cubed cornbread, a pan's worth will produce considerably more volume.
chez_mere November 22, 2016
Since pies need to rest at least 5ish hours for the fruit filling to firm up and avoid soggy catastrophe, I'd say "YES!" to baking them today. My grandma always makes apple pies the day before and they've never been worse for the wear come Turkey Time. Just make sure you bake the pie completely - the only real way to avoid soggy bottoms. Good luck!
Smaug November 22, 2016
I might add (without prejudice, I haven't tried it) that there was an article on here recently advocating a coat of almond paste to help prevent sog. Some people use bread crumbs on the bottom to soak up moisture; dried fruit (such as raisins in a apple pie) will soak up some too, and of course be sure to add enough starch to your filling. But you certainly need to bake it enough.
BakerRB November 22, 2016
I recommend no for the pie. The crust will be unpleasant by then. If you really need to though, it's just a quality issue, not a food safety problem, and reheating just prior to serving would mitigate the quality problem.
Nancy November 22, 2016
A square pan 8x8 inches holds about 8 cups volume, so you'll probably get 6 or 7 cups cornbread (assuming there's a bit of space at the top to allow for expanding and collapsing during baking).
See this chart for pan volumes:
There are other threads on the hotline about making pies in advance...most seem to think 1-day maximum in advance of serving. Search here if you want more info.
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