Pie Crust soggy bottom

My all butter pie crust is flaky on top, but dense/soggy on the bottom, even with parbaking. They also don't hold the pretty crimping as well as I'd like, though I think that is pretty typical for all butter? Thoughts on how to keep the bottom crust more flaky and less dense?

  • Posted by: KAM
  • November 22, 2016


Mark B. November 23, 2016
Prebake more. Only thing I can think of.
Matilda L. November 23, 2016
What kind of pie dish did you cook the pie in? I've never had satisfactory results with a stoneware or ceramic dish. I tend to stick to metal or glass.
sfmiller November 22, 2016
For one-crust pies with custard-type fillings (like pumpkin or pecan) I've found it helpful to parbake a few minutes longer than usual and warming the filling to 120 F or so before adding it to the crust. That way, the wet filling sets quicker and spends less time in contact with the bottom crust, so less sogginess.

Baking the pie directly on a stone helps a lot, too.
Erin J. November 22, 2016
There could be a few things causing you trouble - you may not be par-baking it quite enough - make sure you let it get lightly golden at the edges. Also, make sure you remove the parchment/pie weights and return to the oven for another few minutes - the bottom can hold onto a lot of moisture with the weights on top during par baking. Also, try baking your pies on a pizza or baking stone - this really helps to get the bottom brown instead of soggy. If you try all those things, then the filling is the culprit! It's too wet somehow and is leeching moisture into the crust during and/or after baking. Try making a pre-cooked filling for fruit pies so you can control the moisture level!
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