I was going to make the caramel cake, the recipe says not to leave out the mace. My local grocery does not carry it, and with the current weather I cannot get to Penzeys. Any suggestions?

  • Posted by: peach49
  • February 5, 2011


innoabrd February 6, 2011
I'm a mace fan from our days in India. I don't think there's anything terribly delicate about it!
pierino February 5, 2011
Nutmeg, yes. Who uses mace anyway except to deter attackers?
Greenstuff February 5, 2011
Definitely, nutmeg (mace is a lacy coating on nutmeg). While your recipe writer probably likes the somewhat more delicate flavor or the color of the mace, a little nutmeg will taste good too.
Soozll February 5, 2011
Use a little nutmeg instead...just use 1/4 less.
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