Does this recipe make extra dressing? The quantities of olive oil and vinegar seem like a lot for the serving size!



Kristen M. November 23, 2016
Hi there—I don't remember this ever making far too much dressing for the amount of radicchio, though it will depend on the size of the radicchio heads you have, and if you use 2 or 3. I'd say it generally serves closer to 8 as a side, instead of 4. I hope this helps! You can certainly add the dressing to taste and save any extra for salads later in the weekend. I hope you like it—I love it and a lot of others on Food52 do, too.
Amanda H. November 23, 2016
Hi treebyleaf -- I shared your question with Kristen Miglore, our Creative Director, who writes the Genius Recipes column. She'll respond as soon as she gets it!
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