difference between kalamata olives and black olives?

do they taste different

  • Posted by: lena
  • November 24, 2016


MrsWheelbarrow November 24, 2016
Kalamatas are much saltier, so keep that in mind if substituting for classic black olives.
Nancy November 24, 2016
Not so sure.
Data I've seen shows both plain black & Kalamata black at similar levels.
That said, most or all olives ARE high in sodium and should be eaten rarely or in moderate quantities.
Have heard of but not seen or tasted low-sodium kalamatas.
Have any of you tried these?
Nancy November 24, 2016
Kalamata to black olives is like extra virgin olive oil to olive oil.
Once you've tasted them, you never go back.
Maedl November 24, 2016
Kalamatas. are black olives--which means they are picked when they are ripe. (All Kalamatas are black; not all black olives are Kalamatas.) They are larger than most olives, therefore meatier. They have a protected status under EU law and can only be grown in the Peloponnese, near the town of Kalamata.
spiffypaws November 24, 2016
so much tastier and worth the expense
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