Our dinner is all in foil covered pans. Time and temp to reheat all in one oven?

When we put them all in oven, fills both racks. I want to make sure everything is hot at same time. Our directions said 300 for 30-40 min on each container. But won't it take longer if oven is full? Can I just keep them in the oven for couple of hours or ? to be sure everything is hot


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Kenzi Wilbur
Kenzi Wilbur November 24, 2016

Hi Helen! (Happy Thanksgiving!) It's hard for us to give times and temps without knowing what you're serving / what will be in there. And is it starting at room temperature, or straight from the fridge?

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Helen Cooks
Helen Cooks November 24, 2016

We have containers of sliced turkey, sliced ham, potatoes gratin, sweet pot casserfole, stuffing, etc. All the containers will go into the oven but they do fill it up! So I am thinking it may take longer than if just one or two containers. We can set it out bring to room temp before we start if that works better? Can we put all into the oven and leave for couple of hours to be sure everything gets hot? (no mashed pot to worry about.)

BrooklynBridget November 24, 2016

I concur it will take a little longer Helen. I'd worry a little about 2 hours drying things out. I'd preheat oven to a little hotter like 325 and start with stuffing, potatoes, casserole as they are dense and will take longer. After half hour, I'd add the turkey and ham. I'd say should be an hour tops.

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