making pita in a stove top pizza oven

I have been using a pizza craft stove top pizza oven to make excellent pizza for a few months now. It occurred to me that I could probably make better pita in the pizza oven too. Any thoughts on how hot the oven should be and cooking time? My pizzas take between 6-7 minutes in the stove top oven at 700 degrees.

  • Posted by: erinbdm
  • August 9, 2017


Nancy August 9, 2017
Rose Levy Beranbaum has a good pita recipe where they are baked 3 min in an oven that has been heated at 475F for an hour.
Sounds like a big waste of energy.
I've made them often with good results with less heating of the oven (15-30 min).
You can find the recipe on the smitten kitchen site.
Nancy August 10, 2017
Just FYI looked at a few other recipes and found same duration (3 min) but some at 500F, again after substantial heating of the oven.
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