What is your favorite oil for sautéing?

I used to be an "light" olive oil girl, but I am no longer able to find single-source oil in my local supermarket. Suggestions for other oils, brands, or supermarkets I should try? I'm looking to sauté meats and veggies, so medium-heat applications should work. Feel like I live in a food desert!

BTW, I can have my pick of EVOO, shelves and shelves of choices...wonder what my neighbors are using to cook?



Windischgirl November 28, 2016
Thanks for all your input! I found grape seed oil at a reasonable price at Trader Joe's, so I will have to try that out. I also have organic coconut oil but use that in baking; will have to try savory applications.
Niknud November 28, 2016
If you don't want to get in the way of the flavor of whatever it is you're sautéing, I recommend a neutral oil. There are plenty of good medium and high-heat oils out there that will do the trick. I always keep a bottle of grape seed oil around for that reason. As others have stated coconut oil works well, but sometimes I don't want that flavor.
pierino November 28, 2016
Grape seed oil is better for sautéing than olive oil which has a low smoke point. But leaf lard is also very good too.
lena November 28, 2016
is grape seed oil better than canola?
Katherine November 28, 2016
Coconut oil (I use the brand Nutiva) is great for sautéing at high temperatures.
Susan W. November 27, 2016
I'd have to say my homemade ghee (made with my beloved kerrygold) or coconut oil. I rarely cook with olive oil. I also use beef tallow, pork lard and duck fat from Fatworks for higher heats. I do use light olive oil to make mayo. :)
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