can you serve eggnog thur a gallon dispenser with a spout? ideas for 1 gallon dispenser holiday recipes cold non etoh beverages

using alton brown's aged eggnog recipe



Nancy November 28, 2016
Agree with answers so far. And if you don't have or don't want to buy a punch bowl (for a single use), get a large glass bowl that you could use year round for other purposes in the kitchen. Then place some nice greens or a red cloth around it on a buffet table.
Greenstuff November 28, 2016
I think a dispenser would clog. I agree with Chef June, a punch bowl is best. A pitcher could work too. If you want to use your dispenser, stick to something clear.
ChefJune November 28, 2016
You probably can, but why would you want to? When eggnog is homemade and delicious, it deserves a beautiful punch bowl on the center of the (or it's own small) table. Imho. A gallon dispenser doesn't sound very festive.
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